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    We thank you for your favorable interest in JITO products. We have revised our general catalog to incorporate the latest revisions of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) according to a new edition policy. We hope the catalogue will be useful to you.
    JITO BEARING FACTORY was founded in 1999 and rapidly grown as a leading manufacturer of tapered roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings. We provide a wide variety of Tapered roller bearings in Metric and Inch systems and Cylindrical roller bearings with the size from 15mm to 150mm of bore diameter. From the very beginning, we focus on the Technical research and development, Quality control and After-sale service. We gained ISO9001:2000 certification in 2006 by it’s efforts on everything we concern. JITO has pioneered, and is still striving to continue.
    In order to offer good service to the worldwide customers, we signed the agreement of cooperation with HANGZHOU CHILANG BEARING TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD who offers the technology support and acts as our export agency. HANGZHOU CHILANG BEARING
TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a large enterprise who integrates scientific research、production and export. It makes our products more precision、durable and more competitiveness in international markets to cooperate with them.
    We are expecting your cooperation anytime. Whether you are distributors or industrial customers, by our experiences on technical, we can provide service solutions that meet your specific need. We hope to go forward together with you in the coming future.

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